June 21st.
We will announce our tour dates soon, maybe print some more shirts and other stuff. Fleshworld vinyl and tapes still available email bubonicbearphilly@gmail.com. If you are within 15 miles we can deliver for free.

Apr. 5th - Lindenwold, NJ @ the sex dungeon w/ psychic teens, sadgiqacea
Apr. 6th  - Newark, DE @ the pyodome w/ hessian
Apr. 7th - Sterling, VA @ farm show w/ tideland
Our records are in (currently available only in black). They are $13.00 (including shipping and handling). 
webstore is down - please email bubonicbearphilly@gmail.com 


Feb.16th Brooklyn, NY @ the moon ii
Feb.17th Providence, RI @ the funky jungle w/ shrk wk, old hag
Feb. 18th Willimantic, CT @ the handsome woman (daytime) w/ hell rules
Feb. 18th Boston, MA @ gay gardens (nighttime) w/ graves
Feb. 19th Dover, NH @ 17 belknap (daytime)
Feb. 19th Portland, ME @ 131 washington (nighttime) w/ ultra negative
Feb. 20th New Brunswick @ the wormhole 
NEW VIDEO. Thanks Mike Carroll
Jan. 27th Richmond, VA @ Wonderland w/ balaclava, fuckface
Jan. 28th Baltimore MD @ Fraziers w/ heaviness of the load,
Jan. 29th Philadelphia PA @ Trinity Haus w/ +hirs+, window liquor 
December 24, 2011 - BACK FROM TOUR, a big thanks to all:
gloom beam, tim buckley, the house of gutz, balaclava, strange matter, new order dance parties, Q, sam martin, the karate dungeon, death rides a horse, black santa, john of national dairy, bert no shirt, arc and panther, the caution children, mike who let us pet an alligator, the casselberry trails, diane, tyler bronis, ryan haft, featherweight, cool hand luc's, feanor, tony deplama, dr. puddles (before she bit tony's face), that guy who gave us pizza, dick kicker, lee/lexi, beer salt, the salvage superstore, ostrov, the crowbar, quiet hands, twenty cat stomach, will knutson, gus's fried chicken, dan craig, the green womb, no christmas, gnarwhal, bobby, inherent records, rurnt, andy and emily, the poison lawn, the other mike carrol, seaworld, garret, huntington, wv, tower of the elephant, bad biology, tigerscout, shat shorts, ke$ha, strange bodies and poseur cops.

We no longer have anymore clear lathe-cut, however, limited to 200 copies on black vinyl will be available next month at http://slothtapes.bigcartel.com/, so check back.


12/09 - Egg Harbor City, NJ (house of gutz)
12/10 - Richmond, VA (strange matter)
12/11 - Greensboro, NC (karate dungeon)
12/12 - Jacksonville, FL (burro bar)
12/13 - Orlando, FL (uncle lou's)
12/14 - Miami, FL (mamushkas)
12/15 - Fort Myers, FL (cool hand luc's)
12/16 - Tallahassee, FL (ghazi house)
12/17 - Hattiesburg, MS (crowbar house)
12/18 - Memphis, TN (meth house)
12/19 - Nashville, TN (the green womb)
12/20 - Cleveland, TN (inherent records)
12/20 - Knoxville, TN (the poison lawn)
12/21 - Huntington, WV (636 trenton)
12/22 - Baltimore, MD (sidebar)


 Two new tracks off our new record check them out here: http://bubonicbear.bandcamp.com/